HI! I was wondering if you could help me. I've been trying to track down a yumikuri fic i read a little while ago but I can't find it ANYWHERE. Basic plot is they play spin the bottle with everyone or something and end up in a closet doing 'stuff' and mikasa and annie are also going at it outside the closet (i think drunk?) and i then i think in the morning they get out of the closet and annie is all "lol that was a good night" or something. Any ideas? I've been searching for days ;-;

sorry love, I don’t read ffs much so I don’t know, but perhaps one of our followers can help? ; o ;

do you guys post/reblog fanfics too or just fanart?

we only do fanart as of now but I guess we could post/reblog fanfics too… o: if the other members think it’s a good idea.

Yes, hello! You're looking for admins?

Hello! Yes we are looking for admins TT__TT I’ve been abandoning this blog for too long and I don’t even check up on it but I’m glad the other admins are working so hard on it (thank you!!!). There’s a guideline here (I had an old but but lost it so I rewrote it eheheh) and I’ll send you a seperate message after posting this.

Guideline for members

Hello loves, I’m the main admin of this fy-yumikuri but I haven’t been tending this blog, like, at all, so I’m extremely sorry for the neglect. I’ve received interest from a few people on becoming members of this blog, and I would be very grateful for any kind of help! I’ve rewritten the guideline for members here beneath the cut:

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